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Frugal Frustration
Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I am so frustrated with looking for ways to be frugal. In this time, there are hundreds of "save money" lists online. Too bad they all start with "stop buying lattes." I don't buy coffee. I don't have cable, buy clothing only when absolutely necessary and use generics. They obviously didn't make these lists with me in mind. ;)

I do have frugality goals.

I'd like to grow and can my own veggies. My parents are homesteaders, so I know how to garden. Now that my husband and I have a home with a yard, a garden is within my reach. We had to prioritize this spring and summer, so other must-do's came first. But next year is the brass ring! I admit I don't remember how to can, but I can't wait to get back in. I don't own the supplies. That - and the lack of plants - is a hurdle. But I'm trying to barter for some or all of them. Even if I have to buy some things, I consider it an investment.

I am working to be more energy-conscious. All of our lightbulbs are CFs or LCDs. We run fans and open the house when we can, but when the temperature gets extreme, the AC or heat has to come on. Even though I could stand being hotter or colder, my dogs can't. I want to take steps to keep track of the juice our other appliances use also. Every little bit helps!!

I want to try harder to get and give things through barter and Freecycle. While I don't spend much on things, it would be great to get nice used clothing. The resale shops in my city are horrible. I've avoided ones in unsavory neighborhoods where I don't feel safe. The others seem to be closer to garbage dumps. I miss my hometown shops sometimes!

I've begun to clip coupons more regularly and hope to make the most of that. (We don't get the newspaper because we're online, so I don't get regular coupon sections. Still, where there's a will, there's a way!)

Here's to a new, more frugal me!

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