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I would like to Introduce myself. I am Southern born and country bred. I would like to start an artist blog,where we could all gather and spend a little time each day. I have come across a fascinating story about my man,who I have been with for 30 years now. Out of the wild blue yonder,he just began running a paint brush across the canvas,made from cheap shed toolhanger hardboard from home depot and guesso,d (paint)white to make a homemade canvas.In 6 month,s he has painted 12 amazing scenes of nature.Where did this man of mine come from?Southern Women talk with me and lets learn together.Global Women,You are Welcome TOO.

Southern Women,s Gathering
Saturday, October 09, 2010

I  found a really good craft bargain on and would like to pass it on to all painters.They have an 18pc hoghair bristle paint brush set for $5.00 -that is a pretty good bargain.I hope you will check it out,and also there are other crafting products to take a look at.

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