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Food Problems
Thursday, February 03, 2011

I think my daughter and I will be trying an elimination diet this spring.  I have never been able to single out the food(s) that cause her stomach upsets, and I'm having various symptoms that don't add up.  Perhaps if we try the elimination diet, we can work out what doesn't agree with us.  Besides, I'm hoping it won't be so hard for her to give things up for awhile if she's not doing it alone.  I know that would help me!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

I originally started this blog because I was ready to quit my full time job as a teacher and stay home with my family.  I did quit at the end of the school year, and I loved being at home.  My husband, however, was extremely tense and anxious over our financial situation, even though I had gotten a part-time job taking care of an elderly lady for a few hours, two days a week.

It turns out that financially we weren't ready for me to quit, but since my husband and I both avoid conflict, I was not really completely aware of our situation.  My husband handles our money for the most part, simply because he is better at it and sleeps better at night knowing the bills are all covered and we have a plan in place.  I was happy to let him handle it, but when he had reservations about me quitting this year I thought he was just being overly cautious.  Was I wrong!  I should have listened, asked more questions, and gotten a better understanding of where we were.  The big picture.

So, when it became clear that I would have to find something full time again, I panicked.  It was serious.  We were going to have to sell off our furniture, move in with my parents (so they panicked), and even then we would have problems.  About the time I started applying for anything and everything, the school system that I had left contacted me.  They had miscalculated the number of teachers they would need for the year and were short one in my department!  God was watching over me and my family.

This year I'm teaching high school courses instead of middle school, and I wish I had just stayed put.  I've learned a lot about myself and what I can and cannot do, but most of all I've learned to listen to my husband, to ask more questions before charging ahead, and to understand that things happen for a reason.  The last several months have given me a chance to work on contentment, and hopefully by the end of this school year my husband and I both can enjoy me being at home!

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And here we go......
Friday, June 04, 2010

Well, it looks like we may be working with less income sooner than we expected.  Yesterday I was told that my current teaching position will be split between the middle school and the high school, and that I will be teaching a high school course that I don't feel prepared to teach.  Not that I couldn't teach it, but I have very little experience, knowledge, or skill in this particular branch of my content area, and it's not something you can fluff through and hope the kids don't notice.  The course?  Apparel design, of all things!  I am no seamstress, and I haven't even looked at a pattern in years.

Not only that, but they would want me at the high school the first half of the day, and it starts earlier than the middle school.  The kids and I would have to get up even earlier?  Fabulous.  I'm already dragging myself out of bed to go to work when I'd rather be home.  How will I ever get out the door earlier????

I know this sounds whiny when so many are without work and want it, and I apologize if it comes across that way.  My problem is that I want to be home full time, but my husband wants me to work full time, and I figure if I have to work somewhere, at least I know this job, I like the people I work with, and I'm used to it's ups and downs (I thought).  Now I'm looking at staying at a job where I spend a good portion of my day doing something I really don't like.

I asked if they would consider letting me just stay here a half day, and that's all.  No high school.  Yes, for half my current pay.  So far, no word on that, but it doesn't seem like they're very excited about that.  I guess we'll see!

I could manage that, and then I'd be home to do at least some of the things that aren't being done now.  Maybe I'd be able to keep decent meals on the table and a semblence of cleanliness going.

My husband is not looking forward to cutting back more financially, but he knows that I'm already very close to a breaking point.  If the half time thing doesn't work out, then I may have to look for something else.  I'm praying for God to give us guidance as this sorts out.

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