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I recently broke my leg so need to walk around on a zimmer frame (walking frame). As I need to hold the frame with two hands I found it is difficult to carry things so I attached a plastic basket to the front, just tied on with some wire. It is so useful for carrying clothes for the washing line, pots and small trays when gardening. The picture shows me taking my cereal bowl into another room. I also carry my cup of tea in there but this needs some practice as you have to be very steady when carrying it so as not to spill it! ;-)

Gloves from bread bags
Sunday, February 06, 2011

All my life I have been one of those people who hate waste. I try and find a use for many things that have 'worn out' or that can be used in a different way. One of the latest ideas that I had is that I have been saving the bags that bread come in. I have  collected quite a little pile of them now and was wondering what I could use them for. Well the other day I found a great use for them. I now use them as 'gloves' not to wear when I go out for the evening but for using them for little dirty jobs such as:-
1. collecting  the left over rubbish on the bird table
2. clearing the leaves out of a blocked drain
3. using them when I have a painting job to do
4 Cleaning out the rabbit hutch

The beauty of this is that once I finished using them I can turn them inside out and put them in the bin. This saves getting my proper gloves messy too

I am sure that there are many other uses for them too!

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