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Black Friday

Black Friday isn't worth the hassle and dissappointments. If I could go shopping and not have anyone be mean or say rude comments, it would be fun. There is always that one rude person who just has to show out. It's for Christmas for Heaven's Sake! Anyway, I have been several times but to no avail, someone beat me or I waited til 01:00 a.m. - 05:00 a.m. standing where the item is and the store clerk told me to stand, then they moved the line to another site and the people who just got there got the item on Special First. Then the FIGHT begins... the lady standing behind me tells the new clerk starting to ring up the merchandise, that she has been standing there for 4 hours with us and we were there first! The clerk tells her to get in line...yes, get in line? Fireworks begin now...SO to calm her down, the clerk says there are plenty to go around...this isn't what the customer wants to hear. The clerk sees the customer isn't going anywhere, so we aren't going anywhere either...she is protecting us! The clerk agrees to sell 4 of us the item we stood in line for four hours since the other clerk told us to stand in the wrong place. YES! My Granddaughter walks up after going to the ladies room and the lady next in line behind me now, starts complaining she is breaking in line. Then we get into it. I tell her she is with me...But this lady isn't taking that for an answer...geeesh...I will not do anymore Black Fridays... Is it really worth the Anger, rudeness, and people getting hurt and yes, losing their lives for a few bucks?

1 Post, Last Post: November 27, 2010

Fricasee of Facts and Frivolities

A little bit of everything.

1 Post, Last Post: November 26, 2010

who would have thought?

don't know yet

1 Post, Last Post: October 30, 2010

My Boyfriend is turning 19!

My boyfriend is turning 19 in 2 weeks and he is an exoensive/ picky guy! I need help! He always spends alot on me so I dont want to be cheap about it so my starting off budjet is $100 minimum.

1 Post, Last Post: October 28, 2010

Janet's Jolly Junk

I love to collect junk. I have an eye for junk & can figure out right away when I see junk what I'm going to use it for. If it's fabic I start thinking of doll clothes or stuffed toys or one year I made Christmas rag wreaths & kissing balls all from donated junk fabric. We sold them at our church Holiday fair. I love to collect pottery pieces & plates decoritive jars almost anyhting & I silicone glue them together to make Garden Art. I've been known to raid people's trash for funiture & other goodies...Oh, it's addicting so I guess I'm a junk-a-holic.

4 Posts, Last Post: October 22, 2010

Kelci's Korner Blog

I am going tell you all the ways I can find to be a frugal and thrifty person as I can!

1 Post, Last Post: October 17, 2010


This blog is designed for people looking to use the ultimate gourmet foods in unique, quick to serve and delicious recipes. Impress your friends at parties, gourmet events, functions, impress your date, etc...

1 Post, Last Post: October 17, 2010

Southern Women,s Gathering Blog

I would like to Introduce myself. I am Southern born and country bred. I would like to start an artist blog,where we could all gather and spend a little time each day. I have come across a fascinating story about my man,who I have been with for 30 years now. Out of the wild blue yonder,he just began running a paint brush across the canvas,made from cheap shed toolhanger hardboard from home depot and guesso,d (paint)white to make a homemade canvas.In 6 month,s he has painted 12 amazing scenes of nature.Where did this man of mine come from?Southern Women talk with me and lets learn together.Global Women,You are Welcome TOO.

1 Post, Last Post: October 9, 2010

Quilly Crafter

I will be showing off a lot of my quilling work in hopes to inspire someone. This is a beautiful art form and I'm proud of my work. I sell it at three different galleries in and around my hometown. Because I am not working at this time, it does help out a little with the finances to be able to do this. Perhaps just this idea will inspire someone.

1 Post, Last Post: October 9, 2010

Live Simply, Simply Live

Building my simple life.

1 Post, Last Post: October 6, 2010

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