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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

Sunday, January 24, 2010 | By RhiannaAbel

Hiya things always seem to bother me like things that my brother does to me, things that happen att school, things that I watch on TV. I'm really getting into the cheesy TV series Glee its like High School Musical and Britannia high (that I love, espeshally Zac Efron) I am begging my mum to go in for X Factor because shes so good! and she totally passed her  voice onto me, Lloyd, Vanessa, Caroline and Alex but unfortunatly Liam, Conner, Nate and Jamiee got Dads voice which is totally deff! Which I think is funny but maybe not for Jamiee or Liam or Conner or Nate haha. Me and Lloyd entered a talant compation when I was like five and Lloyd was six, we did win, Jamiee was so jelous because she wanted to be in it but Dad told her that she couldn't sing hahahahaha.

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Hit the Sales
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | By moonseekerjade

I spent five bucks this morning and got a ton of school stuff,CVS(for one) has a huge bin of school stuff for 50 cents-mini staplers,pens,pencils,post its,sharpeners,erasers,notebooks for 1.25,so I got all kinds of good stuff,that I of course put in a shoebox. CVS has a great clearance bin-once a week I go and check it out-they don't advertize it,I literally stumbled on it. By December,in my house,everyone needs new supplies,I am one step ahead of the game.

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Buy Now,Save Later
Monday, August 17, 2009 | By moonseekerjade

Wal-mart has all their school stuff on sale,buy Crayola crayons for 25cents-I bought each some for school,and each for stocking stuffers,same with pens. For their folders,I go to dollar store and buy the 4 for a buck,then before school they decorate them.I also buy two real cheap binders,(one for now,one for later)then they print/cut out pictures they want and put them in the plastic on very front of binder. I also ALWAYS hit the clearance rack for summer clothes and buy a size bigger for next year,that saves me a to of money on summer clothes,just remember to pack summer clothes away with a few dryer sheets ,so they don't smell musty. I buy a ton of flip-flops at end of summer. I will do anything to save a few bucks.

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Friday, August 07, 2009 | By Tanya39

I read that you can get three ringed binders for 79 cents on a KMart receipt if you buy $20. of there KMart supplies of non school, or regular items. Well I can do you better for price. Dollar Tree has 2 for a dollar, plus tax. The binders are 79 cents each that is 3 dollars after tax. Minnesota has no sales tax on clothing state and store wide. Canadians come down to here, but they save a bundle of money on our mall clothes, but for us US citizens that are frugal I tend to stick to the dollar stores, Kmart sales, WalMart,  and JCPenny's. The store sales are worth it to me during this month of back to school in August I saved $500 shopping in these stores. My girls all wear generic brands. Any one of them want a name brand jeans, or shoes I tell them get a babysitting job, because we are not made of money. Rent went up again, so we are looking for a house now to buy with the money we saved this year we can afford a downpayment. Well lets see how you all do savings wise. The challenge I give you is to save at least $200. on  total school supplies. Good luck to you all.

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Vacation is Over!
Sunday, January 04, 2009 | By SuperMom7000

Well it is Sunday and the last day of vacation! Tommorrow is back to school so the house is clean and the laundry is done!  We have many exciting lessons planned for this week.  After school the hunt will be on for finding freebies this month.  Hopefully it will not snow for a few more days so I can perform my erands on foot as always! I hope everyone has a great week!!

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Help! High School Superhero Dance (Need IDEAS)
Thursday, January 17, 2008 | By christyfraser

Hey, I'm student council president and I'm putting on a superhero dance in march. I really want this dance to be amazing so we're decorating AS MUCH as possible. We have lots of money, so that's not a problem, but we need ideas! I've already thought of making a cut out of a city outline on huge black paper for all the way around the gym, and using the glow in the dark stars everywhere. I need more ideas though....Any ideas are welcome!

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Things to do for back to school
Sunday, August 05, 2007 | By AKFootballMom

School lunch prices have gone WAY up this year.  No way can we afford them.  That makes for a good opportunity to make lunches and I appreciate the good ideas on this website for school lunches.

For kids school shopping, check what we have against their school supplies list before going to the store.  Make sure everyone has shoes that fit and buy their new gym shoes before school starts.

For me, buy jeans second hand, also blouses.  Don't wear t-shirts every day just because I can!  Watch clearance and sales for shoes.

Made homework boxes for boys.  Fill with pens, pencils, erasers, rulers.  MAKE SURE they know where the extra lined paper is kept.



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Free Online Word Processor and Spreadsheet
Sunday, October 15, 2006 | By kidseatfree

Free Online Word Processor and Spreadsheet


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Free Homework Help
Saturday, October 14, 2006 | By kidseatfree

Free Homework Help


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How did my mother do it?
Sunday, August 27, 2006 | By Jess

School starts in about a week and I still don't have everything purchased, much less marked with Beck's name.  Luckily, my family volunteered to pitch in on school clothes, taking us shopping a few weeks ago.  I've carefully put these away so they aren't ruined by the time school actually starts.  My brother spoiled him rotten, buying him the fancy Sketchers that are sure to be a bit hit with the first grade set.  My mother had to buy clothes for me and my two brothers when I was in grade school and later, for my little sister, 13 years younger than me.  I got a job when I was sixteen, mostly to buy clothes for high school. It was, after all, the fashion conscious 80's. I'm sure I would manage with the boys somehow without the help from the fam but it would certainly be more difficult.  The good news is that there are lots of good deals on basic clothing out there, Old Navy, Target (anywhere buy Wal-Mart, that is another blog entirely).  The bad news is that those cheap clothes are made in sweatshops somewhere else by kids who don't even get a basic education or other necessities.  And so are the expensive clothes.

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