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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

From Over Memorial Day Wkend I
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 | By pamphyila

Memorial Day wkend I

Thrifty shopping can make hubby grouchy - but when it is = to 1 pr of leather sandals (new condition marked $40) - 1 pr of clogs - 2 pairs of black pants (1 linen) - 3 t-shirts (One a designer one) - a stylish vest - a hippie Nepalese hoodie ( I had admired in Topanga but couldn't afford)- 6 paperback mysteries - 1 LARGE scented candle - large cotton scarf - a belt (new) and two large music books = $47 is a GOOD DEAL!!

I am wearing one pair of the cheap cropped madras pants I ordered online from - 2 for $14 - I got a blue plain pr. & a cranberry - for the summer.  Haband has good deals if you look through their stuff carefully - Basic items, like these capris, windbreakers, etc. (I also ordered nice slippers once.)

To make hubby happy I do triage at the register & weed out the pieces that are dubious. (He bought himself a Packers tshirt at the discount store across the street - almost as much as my whole haul.)




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Feathers 4 New Yrs?
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | By pamphyila

Had to share these instructions for a feather-embellished skirt! (Especially after watching Ginger Rogers swirl around in a feather-decorated ball gown last nite on TCM!)

It's from whowhatwear -

Of course, if you've got some time on your hands, a budget to stick to, or simply prefer to wear one-of-a-kind items, you can always make a feathered skirt yourself. Thought it might seem seriously complicated, we've got a secret weapon to help get you through this project: D.I.Y. guru Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This! Today she's sharing all the secrets you need to know about how to fashion a feathered skirt, so read on for Domesek's always-simple step-by-step instructions and have fun!

-Black Skirt
(We used American Apparel's California Fleece Tulip Skirt ($32) in black.)
-Ostrich Feather Trim
(Please note: the exact length of trim needed is directly related to the size of the skirt you are using.)
Small Skirt: 4+ yards
Medium Skirt: 5+ yards
Large Skirt: 6+ yards
-Fabric Glue
(Aleene's Original Tacky Glue ($5) is one good option)

1. Lay skirt on a flat surface and glue the feather trim to the hem, starting at the bottom edge on the far left side.

2. Make sure you use a generous layer of glue on the feather trim (but not so much that it seeps over the trim's edges) and be sure to position the trim so that it lies flat along the hem.

3. Once glued in place, cut the trim on the far right edge of the skirt.

4. Glue the second row of trim to the skirt, again starting on the far left side. The second row should be spaced approximately 2 to 3 inches above the first row. (NOTE: Do one entire side of the skirt first, then flip it and do the other side.)

5. Continue to glue rows of the feather trim up the skirt, leaving approximately 2 to 3 inches between each row.

6. Let the skirt partially dry—approximately 10 to 15 minutes—then flip it over and do the other side.

7. Once you're finished with both sides, be sure to let the fabric glue completely set (approximately 24 hours) before wearing it out on the town!

For pix go to (This is for 12/22) Or look up Erica Domesek on the site...

NOTE: for even a more budget twist - you might try attaching the feathers you can get from little girl's boas at the dollar store.  They are strings of chicken feathers - and probably would have to be sewn on instead of glued - but come in lots of colors & would also look super!

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Pants Live Longer!
Sunday, October 17, 2010 | By kelcibug98

  This is my first blog and I'm new at this so here I go. I am the only one in my family (well that lives in my house) that sews. My family does not have alot of money and I'm only a kid (well 12 years old). I try to save my family as much money as I can. Okay now your probably bored with my life so I'll get to my point of this blog:

 Ok am pretty short for my age but I am a normal size in pants except. I have to buy a size 8 short, no problem but pretty soon they're 'high-waters' or too short. So instead of buying pants over and over again so what I did was I took my short jeans and a good size fabric scrap and I folded the ends up on the fabric and sewed them onto the ends of my jeans or pants and DONE! I hope this helps bye!

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Washing Machine tip
Saturday, March 27, 2010 | By Melinda b

To rid your clothes of the smell of persperation add half a cup of vinegar to your wash. 

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You Can Dress for Less!
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | By Le Thrift

One way to dress for less is to frequent thrift or resale shops. Many times you can find gently worn or even new designer and brand name clothes and accessories.

However, sometimes it can be time consuming traveling from one location to another. Also, you may find the items picked over. Or, it can be intimidating trying to browse through all the clothes trying to find that special outfit or accessory.

For those and other reasons spending some time on online consignment and resale stores can be a smart move. First of all the items are usually organized and easy to find.  You can go from one site to another site at the click of your mouse saving time and gas money. 

The downside of course is you miss that tactile experience of touching and looking at the actual item you wish to purchase. A good online site will provide a description that does the following.

·         Accurately describes the condition of the item.

·         Describes the kind of material of the item.

·         Provides detail about cut, or stitching, or other items.

·         Provides a guarantee.

It is a good practice to make a small purchase the first time you buy something at a site in which you are not familiar. That way you can test the site’s credibility without laying out a lot of cash. If the item you purchase arrives when and as promised, they you can begin to make larger purchases with more confidence.



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We can make that our way!
Saturday, February 06, 2010 | By suengenenc

Today I try to save money where ever I can. I am not an avid clothes shopper, so I look for deals where ever I can find them.

My first choice is usually  the Men's Dept. for tee shirts. For many reasons, I prefer the choices in the Men's Dept.:

1. They are in a range of colors other than pink, purple and baby blue!

2. They are usually better made, of sturdier fabric than the women's counterpart.

3. I can buy a package of three men's V-neck undershirts, for less than one women's tee shirt. I can dye them the color I want! As they fade, I can change to another color.

I have even been known to purposely place one of my faded tees into a wash with something I know will bleed color onto the other items in the wash. That saves on dye!

As I get older, my neck seems to get shorter, so the V-neck tee is much more comfortable. The undershirt fabric is lighter in weight, and much more comfortable for layering.

I just hear my mother saying: "See how easy that was?" Bless her soul, she was a frugal woman.

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We can make that ourselves!
Thursday, February 04, 2010 | By suengenenc

I remember going clothes shopping with my mother, when I was just old enough to have "my own opinion" on fashion.

I was the last "chick" in the nest, so she had the time to spend the day with me.

We would go to the local shops that she and my dad "had accounts" with. We would look for things she needed. Usually she would look at the dresses in the "half-sizes" as she was a little woman, but plump. She struggled with fit every where we went. I was patient (as patient as a nine-year-old could be), and often wandered around the store looking at whatever there was to see. We didn't worry about anyone grabbing me, or attacking me. It was a  quiet, neighborly time of life.

Once my mother finally decided on her dress(es), we would find the shoes, and the ordeal of trying on shoes would commence. Usually for her, but sometimes for me, too. Saddle shoes for school and canvas tennis shoes for play. Then we would go for a little lunch somewhere. That was a real treat! I would have my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and my milk. I would hope for some sweet treats from the bakery, and then off we would go again.

When I started to notice fashion, my mother would usually say,"we could make that ourselves!" Oh, how I hated that phrase!! She was always making my clothes. I had corduroy pants that she made that were two sizes too big for me, with elastic in the waist. She would say, "they will last longer, and you will grow into them!" I didn't want to grow into them! I felt fat!

I will admit that she was right to save the cost on a growing child. I just couldn't understand at the time.

Recently, I have taken to sewing a few things, again. My mother made sure that I learned how to sew. She took me to the Singer sewing machine store for lessons. How bored I was with the whole thing. But I learned it, and today, I can sew a straight line (mostly), and am not afraid to make curtains, or make my own fannel lounge pants. Of course, when I say "curtains" I mean a simple panel with a rod pocket on the top! Hey, I never aspired to be a seamstress. That's my sister's role!!


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Everybody Has Shoes On Sale
Thursday, August 27, 2009 | By Kileab

Everywhere I look there seems to be a sale on shoes right now.  I don’t know when the manufacturers bring out their new lines but I am guessing it must be soon because the shoe sales are all over the place.  Here are some of the better sales I have come across: has a buy one get one free sale going on and you can get an extra 25% off and free shipping on your order using code “slx8798″ has up to 70% off its clearance items and you can get an extra 30% off using code “OCS30″ off any item in their clean sweep sale (indicated with a little broom icon”).  Shipping is free for orders over $49.

Joe’s New Balance Outlet cuts up to 80% off men’s and women’s shoes and you can snag free shipping when you use the code “JNBOFREESHIP” is cutting 55-80% off all sale items and have free shipping with all orders. has up to 78% off for its End of Summer Liquidation sale.  This includes shoes plus many other items.

With this many deals floating around it might be time to buy an extra pair for when your current shoes wear out.

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Frugally Mine
Monday, August 03, 2009 | By Tanya39

Well I have to say that I know that now any landlord in my town doesn't care about anyone, but themselves. Our laundry machine is in constant disrepair, so I now only pay 1 dollar to dry, instead of 2. I continue to dry them on a clothes line after their dryer has had a broken go at my laundry. Thank goodness the washer isn't broken. I would love to hear about how others are fairing with their landlords in the USA. Frugally and Tightwadingly yours, Tanya

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Stains on shirts
Sunday, July 05, 2009 | By rhfoy

I have had white stains on my blue shirt collars for years now and have always tryed to find out why, i just have discovered that Quinoderm is responsible for it as it has the BP in it which is BENZOYL PEROXIDE. Hope this helps

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