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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

Home Jewelry Parties
Friday, September 24, 2010 | By latrtatr

Well I finally bit the bullet and had my first home jewelry party. What a hoot! It was really a lot fun. It was so nice to hear all of the compliments, to know that other people actually liked my designs and would want to buy them was so rewarding. That was the whole idea I know but to have it happen in real life was something else.

My sister hosted this party which was easier on the nerves for me. Now I just have to get out there and find someone else who will host more parties. I have restocked my inventory, the really fun part, and am ready to sell, sell, sell!

I am working on a catalog but the trouble with that is all of my pieces are one of a kind so updating the catalog would be a real problem. The thing that those attending my party did like was that they didn't have to wait for their orders. They could just take their purchase with them and they really liked that. People aren't used to that so that is a real plus.

You will find some of my designs on my public blog

My thought is to put more  of my designs on Cabin Annie's and use it for online parties. When I get it all figured out I will let you know so if any of you want to earn some free jewelry you can get in on it. For now you really should check out what's going on at the cabin.

Take care- until later tater!

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17th b-day ideals
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | By sweetness0910


hey people is me kimberly marsee and im turning 17 in 1 month and nine days i want to do something good but not to childish and i8 realyy need your help so just reply to this blog and now that thats done im going to talk alittle about myself so you know what i like im bolnde i have blue eyes im girly but not to girly  im not afrad to get my hands dirty lol i love zebra my fav animal is a pinguin i have alittle dog he's a yorkie he's a year old his name is todo lol..but i didnt name him his previous owners did his for name is prince todo something somthing lol

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Sunday, September 13, 2009 | By allyanne

hey yall my bday is in like 11 days and i have like 0 clues what to do so plz help me with some ideas plzzzzzzz im soo desprate

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Masquerade Ball.
Saturday, September 05, 2009 | By danceitout1


For my 13th birthday,  we're thinking of doing a Masquerade Ball/ Murder Mystery party. We're going to rent a building and have an MC and everything. We're gonna have a disco ball and everything, I was wondering if anyone had any pointers/tips for us, and possibly a website with a decent ball gown for under $100. And since the theme is Masquerade Masacere, i will either be the murderer or the murderee, so the costume should revolve around that as well!



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My friend's birthday party
Monday, July 13, 2009 | By DMarie98

My friend's birthday i party is the 28 and i really don't know what to get her as a present  she loves webkinz but i am not sure what kind to get her bird or dog

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My birthday party any ideas
Thursday, July 09, 2009 | By DMarie98

Hi my birthday is comin up and i love the movie Twilight any ideas

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How to throw the best kids party with little money
Wednesday, June 10, 2009 | By mrsdawn

I recently had the task of planing my daughters 7th birthday for her and 11 of her friends. Here is how I made it look like my husband and I spend a lot of cash with out actually doing it.

Party Favors: I am against giving large amounts of candy or small un-useable toys.

 So to avoid this I went to claires. They were having a 10 for 10 sale. I bought 12 necalaces which retailed orginanlly for $7.00  and 12  lotions and bodywashes which were orgianlly 3.00 a piece.

Each bag cost me $2. I bought tinkerbell paper lunch bags to put the favors in a 10pk was $1 at the .99c store.

For the two boys that came. I bought each of them a $2 chalk bucket from Michaels.


We did a potato sack race for prizes (Two winners) (sacs were purchased at wal-mart (5.99) as were the suncatcher making kits which were on clearance in the craft department for 2.00.

We made a home made pinata, water-baloons, and large batch of bubbles. ( pinata I saved candy from halloween and parties my kids had been to in a ziplock bag which i used to fill it)


All the food was homemade.(Picked things I knew the kids would like but so would the grown-ups) Recipes came from foodnetwork and (Huge hit). I made cupcakes instead of cake. One of the girls told me it tasted just like store bought.

We used bottled beverages instead of canned. No juice boxes, Just bottled apple juice. We also made homemade sangria for the (grown-ups). 

Our splurges

Decorations. We did a Hawaiian theme.(We went to party city and .99c store and spent about $40.00 including a music cd) I got flower necklaces from freecycle!!! Enough for everyone!

I made a happy birthday window clings using  gallery glass. We also bought one of those balloon time helium takes using a 50% of coupon from Michaels.


We did evite but we had some picture cards from a pic from the party made from walgreens and sent them out as thank you notes.

Everything was a huge sucess. The adults had fun and so did the kids. It felt great to get the complements from people who thought my husband and I really spent the bucks!

The party cost us much less than it would have to have in any-where else. In Los Angeles where we live the parties at the zoo and other places start at $300.00

Which in my opinion is crazy.

Good luck throwing your next birthday bash!


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ideas for a 2 years old party
Friday, October 10, 2008 | By geegee828

does anyone has any ideas for a 2 years old birthday party and do you think it will be two cold to rent a bounce-around  because i will be having kids up to 10 years of age and the party will be november 2nd, i know people like to say they won't remember, but she is a smart 2 years old and she has older siblings plus i plan to video it and take lots of picture so she can see it when she get older

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16th birthday
Tuesday, September 30, 2008 | By k4iil4lov3

 I am turning 16 on november 1st and i have no vlue what to do. I always planned on having this huge party like my super sweet 16 show on mtv, but my parents cant really afford that. so if you guys would be really helpfull and give me some ideas. Thanks so muchh.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 | By Mommyoftwins06

Hey i have twin girls that are getting ready to turn 2 in december.. its FREEZING then outside. WHAT DO I DO FOR THERE PARTY? we live in south carolina so there is nothing here... ( chucke cheese, scoops n tubes , etc) Anyone got any ideas?

P.s. my house isnt big enough :(


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