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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

Black Friday mess up
Saturday, November 29, 2008 | By JSKA980405

I cannot believe what this world is coming too, why cant we all just stop thinking that every year we HAVE to BUY gifts? why cant we just be thankful to God that we are alive and have our family and friends? I know I am, I may not be very healthy but I do know that Christmas is the Happiness that i have with having my Family here. Also, since someone got killed during the so called "black friday" isnt that something to tell you whether or not its over a toy or another thing that killing and guns is NOT i repeat NOT the answer to anything!!! Ok , well im done ranting and raving. Thanks for listening. By the way im making gifts this year out of scraps and such i have around the house and being greatful that my family is around and that is the ONE thing i am truly thankful for!!!

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My Thanksgiving menu & Christmas list
Monday, November 24, 2008 | By annaroseannadanna

All I have to bring for my in-laws Thanksgiving dinner is Dinner rolls & Green Bean Casserole.  There will be 15 people there.  Plus probably 4-6 extra because the kids almost always bring a friend or 2 (and we have 4 kids!), my in-laws daughters almost always have a b/f I plan on providing for around 20-25.  I shopped at sam's to be able to buy the stuff I need in bulk.  I got a hugh bag of french fried onions for around $4.00 (just one regular size in the grocery store costs this much!!!), bought the cream of mushroom soup (in a six pack) for a little more than $6.00 & a 3# bag of frozen green beans for a little more than $3.00.    total cost of  casserole:  $13.00.  It will actually only take about half of the ingredients to make a big enough casserole to feed everyone so I will actually get 2 casseroles out of all the ingredients so total cost of 1 casserole to feed 25 people = $7.50

The Texas Roadhouse (TTR) has a gift Card Deal going on.  Buy a $30.00 gift card and you get a small galvanized bucket of peanuts with TTR seasoning salt & TTR steak sauce for $5.00 (plus it has a cute little shiny christmas ball in it & it is cello-wrapped &  has a bow ready for gift giving!)  and you get a dozen of their dinner rolls for free.  so...everytime we have went to TTR for the past month we have ordered this gift card.  We go to TTR just about every w/e!  We now have enough dinner rolls for our Thanksgiving dinner and didn't have to pay for them, plus we have 8 of our Christmas gifts bought & paid for!  (4) $30 gift cards for TTR for my 2 siblings and my husbands 1 sibling and hubby's daughters b/d gift, & then we have 4 of the gift buckets (@ only $5.00 extra), 1 for each of my husbands kids.  Now all we have left to buy for is the grandkids.  I will probably go to Spangles where you can buy individual $1.00 gift 'bucks'.  I think it's spangles that does this.  Either spangles or BK.  anyways...u can get a kids meal at any of those places for about $5.00.  sooo...$5.00 for each kid = $35.00.  Not bad for gifts for 6 grandkids!  They will get plenty of toys from their aunts & gr. grandma so I doubt they will miss one less toy.  Plus it will be a special treat for them.  They love eating at fast food places but their parents can only afford it for them as special treats like on b/d's or for a good report card or a special night out.

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Simple Day
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 | By Meme16

I love simple days where I can:

1. take time to smell the coffee

2. share laughter with a friend

3, tea for two

4. no where to go

5. sunshine on my shoulders

6. left-overs for supper

7. sleeping pets

8. quiet in the silence

9. dog wags


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Ok, we shopped on Black Friday!
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 | By pamphyila

The whole Black Friday-after-Thanksgiving-sale thing has never made that much sense to me.  I hate crowds and the feeling of buying frenzy and I always think I could have gotten whatever's on sale for the same discount another, less painful way....

But my husband Mark and I were going up to our boat and meeting friends, so we decided to stop by one of our favorite thrift shps on the way.  Who knew that the GOODWILL had 1/2 off sales on Black Friday?  So we bought some gift books, and some 49 cent clothes and I did find a silk shirt for $2 and a lovely dress for the same.  And I got some Xmas things for Mark, although I had to hustle him out of the store so I could buy them "in secret."

Later that week end we also hit another "old lady's thrift shop" that was off the beaten path.  More gift books, and a pillow for the boat.

I am at the point that I will have to drag out the gift box (bags, actually) to sort all the things I have been collecting for Xmas gifts and figure out what goes to whom.  I start collecting after my birthday at the end of August, and am pretty much finished, as I usually am, so I can AVOID the Xmas shopping rush, which I loathe.  The only reason I have been in stores during the season was when I was WORKING in them as a perfume model! And I don't have to do that right now - whew!

I had allergy problems on the boat - mold?  and then coming home I had the worst attack I have had in a while - ugh.  So I am beat. Mark's under the weather, too, so it's going to be hard....Thanks heaven we had Thanksgiving vacation when we did - becaz for a few of those days Mark was down for the count - very unusual for HIM.  And we had Thanksgiving dinner in an old local restaurant....No leftovers, so no overeating! 

Nothing quite so spectacular as my designer shoes (worth $290) for $7 - but I did get a nice warm quilted jacket with Renaissance overtones for $2 which I think I will wear A LOT.  And I got some camel pants can squeeze into for 49 cents - and a cotton sweater (I later found out it had a stain, but if I roll the sleeves up a bit, it doesn't show...) And I picked up some miscellaneous little gift items which can be combined with other small things for an Xmas gift....beaded napkin rings (50 cents) and colored napkins (ditto).  There was a hand-painted cocktail glass, but it broke...

The beauty of that stuff, is that even if it's not used for Xmas, it will keep for another occasion in the gift box.  And for a small outlay. 

The winter season here in S. California isn't long - but we DO have a bit of winter here - and I have never understood the native Californians who have no warm clothes and just shiver.  I've got on my extra heavy jeans (a bit too big to wear outside the house - but fine for sitting at my computer desk) and my heavy sweatshirt - and a space heater and my nice warm slippers...

Hope you are comfy, too.





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The Holidays ARE Coming!
Wednesday, November 21, 2007 | By pamphyila

Just sent out all my Thanksgiving Day ecards to everyone on my mailing list - I use the free ecards at, because they have reproductions of period holiday cards, which I think are charming!  Just have to be disciplined about getting to everybody - both at work and in the family.  But ecards make it so easy!  It's interesting to see who gets back to you, too....

The holidays are upon us.  We have already started to be busy, having participated in the Hollywood Interfaith Choir Festival at the Hollywood Methodist Church, the location for many an old movie church scene. 

The next event is the World AIDs Day Memorial at Hollywood Lutheran Church on 12/6.  Once again, I have been invited to participate in the last minute PR - (to do the best job, at least a month in advance is necessary, & we are a bit short...)

But then, again, the internet comes to the rescue, as you can send email press releases instantaneously!  And if you have been careful to SAVE the long email lists from some of your emails, you will have ready-made lists to send to.  (See my article on DYI PR at for more info & further details.)

Then, we hope we will be Mr. & Mrs. Claus at the Channel Islands Festival of Lights...and there is Xmas music, too.

On top of that, I have been working as an actress/performer - one for and also for a paranormal show debuting on A&E on cable 12/10 (telling some of my ghost stories.

My acting class at Santa Monica's Emeritus College (gratis)is going swimmingly.  Barbara Gannen is a great teacher - and MORE free tix for the Geffen Theatre's production of ATLANTA.  (Gee, those are at least $30 apiece...)

One of the advantages of getting older is that you can FINALLY qualify for the discounts you missed in all the time from your student days!  Theatre tix!  Wunderbar.  Thank you Geffen. 

Happy Turkey Day to All!





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Sunday, November 19, 2006 | By gryphonlaurel

I will be having a busy Thanksgiving.  I will be painting my bathroom.  I have picked a light yellow color.  I am looking forward to the end result not the the process. 

Small celebrations are what we have here.  No big blowout, that is for Christmas.  I  did some stocking up on holiday foods.  Good sales this week.  I will be staying away from shopping on Friday even though it is a tax free weekend.  I am scared of the crowds.  I will not fight with someone over a piece of Chinese electronics.  I will paint that bathroom and thumb my nose at commercialism.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday.  Enjoy your loved ones and be thankful that you are alive.  God Bless You!!!

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